A New Beginning Should Learn From Old EndingsThere are times in both your personal and professional life when it may actually be more sensible to stop what you’re doing, look at how far you’ve come, and how far you have yet to go, and then make the call to start over. This isn’t particularly unusual for entrepreneurs who are starting their own business. In many cases, it’s quite normal for the first, second or even third attempt at a new venture to fail and require a restart with a new project.

In this regard, a fresh start is not just normal, it’s a sign that you’re willing to take chances and keep pushing forward with a willingness to try something new. However, one important thing that will make any fresh start a lot more productive is not forgetting the lessons and experiences that brought you to this new beginning.

Every Ending Is A Teacher

This is something that author Tonja Demoff wants to teach everyone that reads her book and looks at her work system, Fresh Start. Tonja Demoff has been a realtor in the Long Beach real estate sector for many years, and she’s been on both sides of the business journey, with great successes and painful failures. However, the failures didn’t stop her, and when she started over, she made sure that nothing from her previous efforts went to waste.

This is the same thing that Tonja Demoff wants you to learn when you read Fresh Start and learn about her system. Just because something has come to an end, it doesn’t mean that everything about it was a failure and should be forgotten. In many ways, it is the harsh lessons that come with failure that are the most valuable of all. If a business venture failed, for example, because at the time you didn’t think proper financial accounting and tracking numbers was important, you now know that when you start a new business, you shouldn’t ignore this aspect and give it more diligence.

A fresh start isn’t just about doing everything new, it is, most importantly, about doing things in a new way contrary to ways that weren’t working before. A fresh start is a chance to do things the right way, but you can only get a good grasp on what is right if you remember what went wrong. Read Fresh Start by Tonja Demoff, and see how she can help your new start.